Mist Systems in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix, as all cities in the Valley, get very, very hot in the summer.  Temperatures frequently reaching 110 degrees and higher.  And many times it remains over 100 long into the night.  This can make your outdoor spaces very uncomfortable.  Because of this, mist systems have become very popular in Phoenix and surrounding cities. Read more “Mist Systems in Phoenix”

Mist System Scottsdale

Anyone that lives in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and its surrounding cities, or any temperate, desert climate for that matter, knows how hot it can be in the dog days of summer.  A quality misting system, like one from FHR Construction Corp., can make your outdoor living and entertainment spaces much more bearable on those sultry summer afternoons.  Mist System Scottsdale – What exactly is it? Read more “Mist System Scottsdale”