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Floating Vanity Bathroom

The floating vanity is gradually becoming very popular with today’s modern design trends.  The appeal to the modern floating vanity is the modern “minimalist” look combined with the desire for more open floor space.

Floating vanities can be done to fit any desired look or style from rough and rustic to ultra modern and minimalist.  Although predominantly seen in the more modern designs, floating vanities are being seen, more and more, in more traditional and rustic home designs.  There are advantages and disadvantages to using a floating vanity in your bathroom remodel.  One advantage is opening up floor space.  Another, by opening up that floor space, it makes it much easier to clean the floors.  Less rick of water damage due to a leaky toilet or tub/shower.  We all know that kids, and some adults, can be careless with the water in a tub.  It splashes or spills over the edge or runs out during a shower and can damage a traditional floor mounted cabinet.  One disadvantage, and probably the number one reason that some people don’t use a floating vanity, is that they typically will limit the storage capability of the cabinet.  Many bathrooms are fairly small and storage for toiletries is at a premium.  But there are those homeowners that are more interested in the design aspect over the storage ability.

Floating Vanity Bathroom

Floating vanities can also be a design focal point of the bathroom.  Much like a custom shower or tub, a floating vanity, if done well, can sometimes steal the show.  Whether you are looking for the super modern look or the more rough and rustic look, a floating vanity may be right up your alley!  There are lots of images and ideas available online these days…  But, if you are serious about remodeling your bathroom space and are interested in using a floating vanity, contact FHR Construction.  We have designers available to assist you in the design of your bathroom space and can help you come up with the best solution for your needs and desired style.

Framing Contractors Phoenix

With any room addition and most remodels, you are going to need a Framing Contractor.  Whether you hire a General Contractor or you sub the work out to several different sub-contractors for the different trades, a framing contractor will be one of those.

Once you have decided to add space to your home with an addition, you need to consider whether or not you are going to try to manage the project yourself, acting as the G.C. (Gerneral Contractor) or hire a licensed, boned and insured General Contractor.  Unless you are very familiar in the home renovation and remodel industry, and understand the trades, this is not recommended for the average homeowner.  We recommend that you look into hiring a General Contractor that can handle all portions of the project for you.  There is a lot that goes into planning and scheduling for all of the different trades involved in completing a room addition.  Concrete, framing, roofing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, drywall, paint, flooring, trim, cabinets (if applicable), countertops (if applicable), plumbing trim, electrical trim, not to mention, calling and scheduling all of the relative inspections for each stage of the project.

Drywall Contractors Phoenix

Hiring a General Contractor that can handle all of this for you, all in one package, that works closely with the homeowner, can be a huge relief.  Sure, you might save a little bit of money by trying to handle it yourself.  But, many times, and we can tell you from experience with our clients, it is just not worth the headache and aggravation that comes from it.  A home remodel or addition and be a very hectic project for most people, especially if you are living in the home while the renovations are going on.  Save yourself the worry, hassle and aggavation.  Hire a full service, General Contractor, such as FHR Construction Corp., and let us take care of everything!  Talk to anyone of our hundrends of satisfied clients, they’ll tell you the same.  We will be more than happy to provide references to any potential client.

Call us today!

Home Remodeling Scottsdale

Scottsdale home remodeling is booming!  Many people are buying homes in Scottsdale, AZ, and surrounding cities, and remodeling them to fit their individual needs.  From room additions and kitchen remodeling to whole house renovations.

Home Remodeling Contractors

Home remodeling in Scottsdale, or anywhere for that matter, can be a relatively short or lengthy process, but, ultimately, very rewarding.  The key to a pleasant home remodeling project in Scottsdale, is finding a licensed, bonded, insured and experienced General Contractor in the Phoenix area that has the knowledge and experience to help you through the project, from conception and design through permitting and, ultimately, the finished product.

FHR Construction Corp. is the premier General Contractor in Scottsdale, AZ!  The majority of our projects are located within the City of Scottsdale and our staff fully understands the process, start to finish.  We offer the ability to assist you with the layout and design of your remodel project, through to planning and complete set of building plans, ready to submit to the City for the Building permit.  We also can submit the plans to the City for you, working with the City to obtain the permit, sometimes even over the counter!  This saves a lot of time and money.

Phoenix Home Remodeling a home in Scottsdale can also be a great investment into your home.  Depending on the type of remodeling project, especially kitchen and bath remodeling, can increase the value of your home, in turn increasing your positive equity in the home.  If you are one of the many people around Scottsdale that are purchasing homes as investment properties, this is great for you!  In recent years there has been an increase of investors buying homes throughout Scottsdale, remodeling them, then ‘flipping’ them and selling them for a profit.  Many do this as a business and some are making quite a lot of money.

Whether you are buying your first home, last home, investment property (rental) or are looking to ‘Flip’ it, remodeling a home in Scottsdale has many advantages.  Interested in learning more about what you can do with your existing space?  Contact FHR Construction today!  We will be more than happy to help you see what amazing things your existing home has hidden within its walls or outside of its walls!

Guide to Hiring a General Contractor

So, you are thinking about doing a home remodeling project, but not comfortable doing it yourself?  Here are some things to take into consideration when looking to hire a home remodeling General Contractor.

General Contractor

First thing to understand is that this is not going to be a very fast process, if done properly.  Be prepared to spend some time doing research and checking referals on any General Contractors that you may be considering.  The first thing that you should do is ask around to your family and friends or co-workers if there is a General Contractor that they have used for any of their home remodeling projects.  Personal referals are a great way to help you find a good, honest and reliable General Contractor for your home remodel project.  Sadly, there are a lot of bad contractors out there.  You hear about it all of the time in the news.  There are even television programs devoted to finding bad contractors.  Take your time.  Get some referals & do some research on the internet.  Check the AZ ROC (Registrar of Contractors) and verify the license number of any and all contractors that you are talking with and/or considering to hire for your home remodeling project.  Also check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and see if they have any complaints, what they were for and whether or not they have been resolved.


The next step is to invite them to your home or project site to meet with them and go over the scope of the project.  This will give you the opportunity to ‘get a feel’ of them, personally.  Do not be affraid to ask them about their experience, other projects that they have done, the size and scope of other projects.  Also, do not be affraid to ask for refrences.  Any good General Contractor will have absolutely no problem providing you with a list of previous clients that they have done work for, for you to contact and get refrences from.

Get a written estimate

The next step is to obtain an estimate from them for the home remodel project.  Some may give you a ‘ball-park’ number, on site.  Others may take a few days and give you a more detailed estimate.  We, at FHR Construction, provide our potential clients with a completely detailed, broken down estimate for every portion of the home remodel project.  This way, our clients know exactly what money is going to where and how much.  This way they can more easily make adjustments to their budget, if necessary.

Your house. Your rules.

Just remember, take your time.  Do not rush through the selection process of hiring a General Contractor for your home remodel.  Do the research, take your time and I promise, you will be much more happy in the end.

Home Renovation Phoenix – One Stop Shop

Considering a home renovation project?  Why drive all over the valley, going to different companies and stores looking for all of the different items that you will need for your home renovation?

Home Renovation – Phoenix Contractors

FHR Construction Corp. is Phoenix’s One Stop Shop for all of your home renovation needs.  Based in Scottsdale, AZ and servicing the entire valley – We handle everything, in-house!

Flooring, tile, cabinets, countertops, plumbing fixtures and appliances…  Home renovations are difficult enough for home owners.  Why make it more of a headache, spending hours and hours of your valuable time ‘shopping’.  Visit FHR Construction showroom, located in Scottsdale Airpark, and find everything you need, in one place.

FHR Construction is partnered with all of the major flooring and tile companies, plumbing fixture suppliers, appliance retailers around the valley.  We can offer you the very best pricing for all of your home renovation fixtures and finishes.  No need to go on a ‘road trip’ to find a faucet or bathtub.

FHR Construction offers a true, one stop shopping experience.  We offer planning and design services, interior design services, kitchen and bath design services partnered with all of the necessary materials and fixtures that you would need to complete your home renovation project.

From start to finish – We handle everything, in house.  Along with our customers, this allows us to better serve you, without the confusion or third parties,  through the entire home renovation project and the scheduling of the different trades. By being able to work with our clients, directly, it allows us to get your home renovation completed in a much more orderly fashion and on a much faster time frame.  FHR Construction values your time, as well as your hard earned money, as if it were our own.  We understand that your time and your money are important to you.  We do everything we can to help you save both on your home renovation project.

Contact FHR Construction Corp. today and let’s get your home renvovation project moving!

Kitchen Remodeling General Contractor

Hiring a Licensed General Contractor for your kitchen remodel is highly recommended.  Unless you are simply replacing the cabinets and countertops, you should have a licensed general contractor involved.

The majority of kitchen remodels are done because the Client/Owner is not happy with the layout or functionality of their kitchen space.  That is where an experienced, licensed general contractor, with kitchen & bath designers on staff, comes into play.  They have the knowledge and experience to assist you in re-designing your kitchen to make it suite your needs.  Maybe you need more counter space or don’t have enough cabinet storage.  Many times, in order to re-design a kitchen space, you will need to consider moving things around.  Moving the sink and dishwasher, for instance, requires the relocation of plumbing lines and electrical outlets.  That is where a licensed kitchen general contractor is helpful.  They have the know how and experience to do this for you.  They will also know if you will need to obtain a permit from the City or County before you begin any kind of work.  Most times you will if you are touching any kind of electrical or plumbing systems.

Kitchen Remodeling – General Contractor

FHR Construction Corp. specializes in Kitchen & Bath remodeling.  We have NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association) trained Kitchen & Bath designers on staff to assit you in the layout and design of your new kitchen space.  We know what works and how to make it happen.  Whether you are more traditional or you are looking for something ultra modern, we have the team and resources to help you design it and turn your dream into a reality!

Take a look at our portfolio and then give us a call or send us an email.  We would love to meet with you and see what we can do with your space today!

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Scottsdale

Custom kitchen remodeling in Scottsdale, AZ is a growing part of home renovations.  Many home buyers in Scottsdale are buying homes within the city that are a little outdated and are in need of some sprucing up in the kitchen department.  With the right design and layout, a new custom kitchen remodel can be a very lucrative investment into that new home purchase.

FHR Construction Corp. is your local Scottsdale, AZ custom kitchen remodel experts.  We have over 10 years experience designing and building some of the best custom kitchens in Scottsdale.  Our custom kitchen cabinet line is made in the USA, in fact, they are made right here in Tempe, AZ!  We have pertnerships with a majority of the tile and stone companies throughout the valley as well as many of the plumbing supply companies.  We also have partnerships with several of the larger appliance companies in Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area.

FHR Construction Corp. specializes in custom kitchen remodeling!  We love it!  Our custom kitchen designers have been in the industry for over 20 years.  We love to design custom kitchens!  To us, there is nothing more satisfying than taking an old, outdated, non-functional kitchen and turning it into an amazing, custom masterpiece that has both form and function.  Kitchens are where most people tend to gather in almost every home.  Why not let it be a showpiece of your home?

Whether you are looking for something very rustic, traditional or modern, FHR Construction Corp. can help you design it and bring it to life.  Basic custom kitchens to professional grade custom kitchens, we can turn your dreams into reality.  Contact FHR Construction Corp. today and let’s start designing your new custom kitchen remodel.  With hundreds of satisfied clients, we are more than positive that you will be too.  Knowledge, experience, vision and a clear understanding of what it is that you are wanting in your new custom kitchen remodel is our specialty!

Kitchen & Bathroom renovations using Home Equity Loans.

As a home remodeling company, we often contacted by customers who want to renovate their kitchen or bathrooms, but just don’t have the liquid capitol (cash) to do so.  There is a solution!  Home Equity Loans.  If you have positive equity in your home, you can get money for your kitchen & bath renovation.

Kitchen Remodeling Using Home Equity Loan

FHR Construction Corp. works with clients very frequently that do this to finance their home renovations, kitchen & bath renovations.  We know the steps involved.  We know what the banks are looking for in order to approve this type of loan for you.  Let FHR Construction Corp. assist you with getting your home remodeling or new kitchen renovation financed with the equity already in your home.  Once you are done, you will have invested that money wisely.  Kitchen and bath renovations tend to yeild the most return on your investment.  These are the spaces in a home that people tend to look at the most when looking to purchase a home.  Kitchen & bath renovations are a good way to add positive equity in your home.

Kitchen Remodeling Financing

We can tell you, from experience, that it is not always a quick process.  For most cases, home remodeling equity loan is something that you will have to plan for.  It is going to take some time.  Start to finish (approval), it can take several months.  You are going to need a plan, typically a floor plan and elevations to show to the bank.  3D renderings are also nice to have.  In some cases (most, in fact) you are going to need a bid or proposal from a Licensed, Bonded and Insured General Contractor.  FHR Construction Corp. has the knowledge and experience to assist you with all of this documentation that you will need for your financial institution.

Home Equity Loans For Home Improvement

If you have been thinking about doing a kitchen or bath renovation, home remodeling, room addition or any other construction project – but aren’t sure of how to go about doing it, contact FHR Construction Corp. today!  We can help you and show you the right steps to take in order to get the money to do your kitchen renovation and put more value into your home.

Patio Cooling System

A vast majority of homes in and around the Phoenix Metropolitan area have some sort of outdoor patio area.  Although a covered patio area is a nice thing to have, having one with a reliable, effective cooling system is so much better.  A properly installed, quality mist system can lower the ambient air temperature in your patio area by as much as 25-35 degrees…  That is a huge difference when it’s 110-115 degrees outside!

Patio Cooling Systems

Patio cooling systems are gaining popularity as they are becoming more affordable.  A quality patio cooling system, or mist system, will, on average, run you about $2000-$2500.  Yes there are less expensive, basic systems/kits available, but they do not perform the same as a quality, high pressure mist system.  The inexpensive DIY ‘Kits’ only cool an area by wetting it.  The higher quality, high pressure systems provide a much finer mist that actually cools the air itself, not just wetting the area.  There are also a number of ways to install a quality mist system.  Our most popular installation is to ‘conceal’ the lines within the structure.  By concealing the lines themselves, where only the nozzle itself is protruding through, it gives it a much cleaner look, almost invisible.  If your structure does not allow for such installation, we can run the lines on the exterior of the structure and they then can be painted to mach and sort fo ‘blend in’ to the the patio structure.

If you are considering an affordable, effective way to cool your patio area or are looking to add a new patio area to your home, consider a quality, high pressure mist patio cooling system from FHR Construction.  Next summer you and your friends and family can be enjoying your patio area on an entirely new level!  Gatherings, BBQ’s, pool parties, games…  Do it all in the comfort of a much cooler patio.

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