$30000 Kitchen Remodel

by FHR Construction Corp.

$30000 Kitchen Remodel? There are pros and cons to working with a set price in mind. FHR Specialists in answering most common questions.

$30000 Kitchen Remodel

A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went. That being said, you must accept the fact, that EVERY home is different. Therefore, each property and each kitchen requires some custom touch.

Things that can affect your kitchen remodeling budget are:

  • Kitchen layout & size: Shape (U shape, L shape, island etc..)
  • Room layout:Do you need to remove an existing wall, add/remove a step, re-locate an outlet or even do some pluming work?
  • Cabinet Quality: Are you purchasing a high-end, custom cabinets for your kitchen or are you buying a big box brand?

The list is questions is endless. There are so many factors that helps determined the final cost. Granite countertops, flooring, backsplash, demo & removal of the old kitchen, paint etc.

When you combine all factors together, you can get an accurate estimate.

Indeed, average kitchen that includes all of the above will cost $23,000-$30,000, but – let your contractor give you a quote first.

Don’t bet against yourself

Being a general contractor company, often brings us to face customers that went with “a guy that was recommended to me.. but after he broke my cabinets he stopped answering the phone..”.

Everybody wants to save money, especially when it comes to large expense like a kitchen remodel. However, there are ways to save money. Working with an unlicensed guy/ company can save you some money, but can cost you a lot more!

Another money saving tip when remodeling a kitchen, is really – as the title mentions – don’t bet against yourself.

We encourage you NOT to walk into a showroom with a statement “I want a $30,000 kitchen remodel“, Simply because you don’t know what you are getting. You can, potentially, get a $3,000 kitchen cabinets installed and overpay for cheap materials.

Kitchen Remodel Phoenix

Kitchen Remodel Phoenix

Let the contractor visit your house first. Then, discuss your goals and even describe to him what are you trying to reach. Then, let him draft a raw plan and ask for the ballpark price for the job.

Once you get a price, you already know whether it is or it isn’t in your budget. Ask the contractor to give you a detailed estimate with the breakdown of all material used and labor costs.
This way you can be sure you know what you are paying for and avoid any future disagreements.

How to choose the right Contractor for your Kitchen Remodeling project?

A huge part of remodeling a kitchen is choosing the right contractor. A general contractor is not your friend. He can be friendly, that for sure, but he is NOT your friend. He is a professional who works at your house.

If it was your kid, Would you rather work with a friendly teacher or a professional teacher who can help him achieve his goals? A professional can be friendly, but not all friendly people are professionals.

We highly recommend searching for the business online. Reading reviews and even asking for a referral list from your contractor previous jobs.



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