Barn doors seem to be all the rage right now in home renovation and remodeling projects.  Although simple in form, barn doors can ad a special ‘pop’ to any room.  They often become the focal point of the room.

Barn Doors Phoenix

Barn doors can fit into just about any home renovation design style or taste.  Barn doors are used in rustic designs as well as ultra modern designs.  With so many different styles available, there is one to fit your individual style.

Custom Barn Doors

FHR Construction Corp. has a custom shop that is able to create just about any style door system that you can imagine.  Whether you are looking for reclaimed wood, new wood made to look old/reclaimed, combination of the two, wood and steel, wood and glass, sleek and modern with clean edges, we can make anything your heart desires.

Barn door hardware systems and accent hardware are also just as vast in their selection.  There are old, rustic iron hardware systems and there are very minimal, ultra clean modern stainless steel systems.  Whatever look you are trying to achieve in your home renovation, FHR Construction has the ability to make it happen.  Custom door systems to fit your individual style and taste.

Home Remodeling and Barn Doors

When considering a home remodeling project, think about using barn doors as a modern solution that brings more “you” into your home.

Barn doors can be easily used for theater room separation, pantry doors, closets, offices or dens, kids playrooms, Master bathroom separation from Master bedroom, home theater or media system concealment, laundry rooms, hallways, exterior window and door coverings, the option for use of barn doors is virtually limitless, only limited by your imagination.

FHR Construction Corp. specializes in creating custom barn doors, in house, for our clients.  If you are doing a home renovation or remodel and have been considering a barn door, why go to any other company and pay more?  Contact FHR Construction today for your design consultation and quote for your custom barn door, today!

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