Bathroom remodel for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is becoming more popular with the rise in families taking in and caring for their elder family members that may have certain needs for assistance and home health care.  Many families are opting for home health care options over sending their elderly or ill family members to care homes.  This can pose certain issues when it comes to bathing and/or using the restroom.

Bathroom Remodel For ADA

[av_dropcap2 color=”default” custom_bg=”#444444″]R[/av_dropcap2]emodeling a bathroom into an ADA compliant bathroom is really not that difficult.  But it does require a general contractor with the right knowledge and expertise to design it to be functional, but at the same time, aesthetically pleasing.  It helps to find a remodeling general contractor that is familiar with the ADA requirements and standards.  There are many things to consider when remodeling a bathroom into an ADA compliant bathroom.

ADA Bathroom Vanity - Phoenix, AZ

ADA Bathroom Vanity

ADA Bathroom Vanity

For instance – Tub or Shower?

  • Tub: Consider the mobility of the person that is going to be using the tub or shower.  If they are, for the most part, relatively mobile under their own power, a tub might be ok.  You will want to install some grab bars around the tub area to aid in the entry or exit of the tub.  You definatley want to consider a non-slip type of material or coating on the bottom of the bathtub so they don’t slip getting in or out.  It they are pretty weak and not able to move as freely, you may want to consider a “Walk-in Tub”.  These are, typically, much deeper than the traditional bathtub, but they will usually have a door that will open up to allow for easier entry and exit.  With this type of system, the bather does not have to lift their leg or foot as high to get into or out of the bathtub.  Many of them will have a form of a seat or bench on the inside for the person to sit and relax during their bathing time.  Thereby not having to get down as low into the tub which makes it even easier to stand when they are finished and ready to exit the tub.
  • Shower: Again, you must consider the mobility of the person that this shower is being remodeled for.  Are they fairly mobile?  Are they in a wheelchair where they will need a zero entry shower?  Do they need a seat or bench in the shower to sit on while bathing?  Many factors come into play when remodeling a shower to suite an ADA situation.  You must also consider the near future.  Are they going to eventually be in a wheelchair?  Mobility declining to the point of not being able to stand for a period of time to shower.

The list goes on…  The best thing you can do is to contact a quality, reputable general contractor that completely understands the needs of you and your family member(s) that this bathroom remodel is being done for.  Someone that has the experience in doing them and can remodel your bathroom with as little down time as possible.  We at FHR Construction have done many ADA bathroom remodels and understand all of the ADA standards and are fully, 100% licensed, bonded and insured in both residential and commercial applications.

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