Do you have trouble finding a place to store all of that camping equipment?  How about an organized storage solution for all of your tools or crafting materials?  Consider custom garage cabinets…  Garages are not only for parking the family vehicle(s).  They are large storage rooms.  Without some sort for storage system, they can be cluttered and things become hard to find, sometimes even dangerous.

Custom Garage Cabinets Phoenix

Custom garage cabinets can help you in creating the space necessary to organize and store all of your things, whether they be camping equipment, craft/hobby materials, tools, or even, for all of you couponers out there, all of those groceries (dry goods) that you’ve been buying with all of those coupons!  There is practically an infinite array of choices when it comes to custom garage cabinet systems.  Most are very simple looking, functional storage solutions, while others are designed with a specific purpose and look.  We have clients that are mechanics and want their cabinet system to be as functional as it is good looking.  FHR Construction offers so many different finishes for our garage cabinet systems, that you would be hard pressed to not find something that you just absolutely love.

custom garage cabinets

custom garage cabinets

FHR Construction has designers, on staff, that can meet with you and help you design your individual layout to find what fits and works the best, for you!  We provide you with a detailed, written estimate along with a 3D layout of your design (computer generated rendering) to help give you that ‘visual’ idea of what it could look like when completed.  The average custom garage cabinet system stars around $1500-$2200.  Of course all of this depends on the cabinet style and color/finish chosen, but for what most of our clients choose, that is about where they start.

Contact FHR Construction today for your FREE, no obligation estimate for your Custom Garage Cabient system today!  Let’s get that space organized and looking good!

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