Custom shower

by FHR Construction Corp.

For many years, it was popular to use acrylic or fiberglass shower enclosures in bathrooms.  Not any more.  Custom tile shower enclosures are quickly becoming the ideal option for bathroom remodels in many homes.  Creating a custom tile shower enclosure is not as expensive as some might think.  If you design and plan right and choose the right tiles, it can be very cost effective.  Unless you are looking for a complete marble enclosure, you can do a custom shower enclosure for much less than you might think.

Custom Shower Phoenix

Custom shower enclosures are becoming more and more popular in home remodel projects.

custom shower phoenix

custom shower phoenix

Consider using porcelain or ceramic tile that looks like natural marble, if that is the look you are after.  Besides, natural stone or marble, although beautiful, is a natural material that is pourous and will absorb water and chemicals from soaps and shampoos, or hair dyes.  Yes, it can be sealed to help minimize this, but it would have to be done on a regular basis (1-2 times per year) and is not guaranteed to prevent it.  Porcelain and ceramic tiles don’t require this and only the grout is pourous.  Grout, regardless of tile selection, should be cleaned and sealed regularly to prevent staining and any mold issues.

Custom shower enclosures also give you the opportunity to make it your own.  You can add niches, benches, shelves, body sprays, rain heads, whatever your heart desires.  If you aren’t comfortable designing and laying out your new shower design, contact a designer or a licensed contractor, that offers design services, to assist you.  Designers can be fairly costly, whereas a contractor that offers design services may be more affordable as well as have the ability to perform the work.  And in many cases, they may offer the design services as part of the entire project, instead of a separate fee.  Don’t be affraid to call around and always, always, always ask for references.


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