Home additions is no longer a trend, but a real thing when it comes to home expansions in the Phoenix area. More and more home owners are expending their living spaces instead of purchasing a new home. How much does it cost and what resale value will you have when choosing home expansion over a new home?

Home Additions Phoenix

When you purchase your home your not always thinking about all the changes that the future will bring. A new baby, a mother in law that is moving in or even a boy that recently graduated and went back to live at your house. But when these changes does occur, you are facing the two options: Moving out to a bigger space or expanding your home.

While moving out has its own costs and inconvenience – a home expansion is by far a better solution.  You already own the land and when choosing the right contractor, modifying you home can be a more suitable solution.

With zero moving costs and no mailing address changes, without changing your route to work or your children school district, without packing or leaving your neighbors behind – you can get more space in your own home!

Home Additions Cost

Well.. It’s hard to just type a flat rate quote for a home addition project, but it is safe to say that in home remodeling a local contractor can work with you on a restricted budget. It all comes down to your choices and your budget frame. What is the required square footage? what is your plumbing/ electrical needs? What tile will you choose and what other modifications will you need to do in order to make it happened?

A master suite home addition price is different than a bedroom addition. A kitchen addition requires plumbing and (sometimes) a gas line relocation. If you wish to upgrade your kitchen cabinets or install a high end tile – it is all comes down to YOUR needs.

room additions phoenix

Cost to add a room to your house (Phoenix, AZ)

The average home additions cost range between $22,000 – $55,000. Of course each project has its own challenges (Second floor, plumbing, framing, foundations etc that can affect the final price). In addition, you have to get a permit and to pay the city/ county (or both) for your home additions.

FHR Construction offers on-site free estimate. Our estimate includes in-house plan drafting (Yes, you CAN save money on an architect), free consultation and a local showroom where you can mix and match tile, cabinets, backspalsh and coutertops samples.

You can contact us now and speak to a local contractor (not a sales person – but a real contractor that can assist you cutting on the final costs by working with YOU on the best way to get this home additions project done right!

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