Home Remodeling: Different Flooring Types

In just about any home remodeling project, flooring is going to be a large part of it.

In todays open concept designing, many of the rooms are open to each other, with the exception of the bedrooms and bathrooms.  This means that if you are remodeling your kitchen, let’s say, and you are replacing the flooring, because of this open concept design, you would need to replace all of the flooring throughout the home that is adjoining and part of this ‘open space’.   This can get rather expensive, depending on the type of flooring you have selected.  Not to worry, there are options.

Home Remodeling Phoenix

One option is to try and find the same flooring that you already have.  In many cases, this is quite challenging as flooring companies change their products all the time.  This can make it very difficult to imposible to find the same flooring, unless you bought a lot of extra flooring when you bought it in the first place, however this is not common practice.  If, by chance, the flooring is still available, it is going to be different anyway.  Dye lots change and with the age and wear on your existing flooring, it will never match.  If you have natural stone flooring, such as travertine or marble, this can make it a little easier.  Being natural stone, every piece is slightly different anyway.  As long as you get the same family of stone, it should be, for the most part, a good match.

Tile Contractors Phoenix

Tile Contractors Phoenix

Another option is to use the flooring materials to separate the rooms or spaces.  This can be done in a number of ways.  Using a border or transition of a different flooring material (i.e. wood or tile) to act as a separation of the two spaces.  Adding a border all the way around the new space will give the same effect and looks as though it was done on purpose.  You can also create the border or transition and then change the direction of the new flooring material.  This also gives the same effect and looks as though it was done purposly.

There are a number of other ways and styles to create this same effect.  Consult with your design professional if you are not comfortable creating a design on your own.  They can assist you in creating the best look for your space and help everything ‘flow’ seamlessly.

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