Tile, in one form or another, is likely the most popular flooring type in just about every home around the world. The difference between bad tile and good tile? Choosing the right tile contractors. 

Tile has limitless applications for any home remodeling project and comes in so many sizes, shapes, materials, colors and finishes that it can be extremely overwhelming.  Tile can be used, obviously, for flooring, however, tile has so many other uses.  It can be used on walls and ceilings as well.  It can be used inside, outside, in kitchens, bathrooms, entire homes, outdoor kitchens, patios, pools, pool decks and the list goes on.

Tile Contractors Phoenix AZ

Tile is one of the most versatile materials used in home remodeling projects.  More and more people are going away from carpeting in their homes and preferring to place tile throughout their home.  Tile flooring is almost completely zero maintenance.  Yes, it needs to be swept and mopped periodically, but it doesn’t have to be vacuumed, washed/steam cleaned, sanded or refinished.  If you are using a natural stone tile, such as granite, marble or travertine, it will need to be cleaned, stripped and sealed/re-sealed once to twice a year.  If you are using a quality ceramic or porcelain tile, this does not need to be done.  Although the grout, being a porous material, should be cleaned and sealed periodically.

Another very popular use for tile is in bathroom shower enclosures.  More and more people are getting away from using the pre-fabricated shower enclosures made of acrylic, vinyl or fiberglass and opting to do custom shower enclosures finished with tile floors and walls.  Borders, accents, niches, mosaics and benches are all popular features in todays shower remodeling projects.  And with the availability of so many different color combinations and materials, tile is an excellent way to create a truly custom look for your next shower, bathroom or kitchen remodel.

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