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How much does it Cost to Build a House in Arizona 

by FHR Construction Corp.

The one thing more exciting than moving into a newly built home, is moving into a newly custom home built on your lot.

Unlike buying a property, building from the ground up requires more than a budget. It requires a dream, a plan, a budget, a team of contractors and a project manager to make sure everything is done right.

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Cost to Build a House on your Lot

Customers who choose to build a house on their lot required to obtain permits, connect utilities, draw plans, hire a nearby custom home builder and many other things that can be avoided when buying a house.

However, more and more people choose to build their custom home on their land in Arizona rather than buy a ready home.

Parameters like architectural plans, foundation, weather, materials, cost of labor, permits and delays can affect the cost to build a custom home in Arizona.

Construction PhaseAverage Cost
Clearing & Grading $,5000
Connect Utilities $35,000
Foundation $8-$10/Sqft
Framing $8-$12/Sqft
Electricity & Plumbing (Including HVAC) $50,000
Interior Finishes +$8,000
Exterior Finishes $14-$25/Sqft
Interior Designer $4,500+

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