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Monsoon & Hail Damage Repair Contractors

Phoenix, Arizona – Monsoon season hits the Valley of the sun every summer. Between July to September – we can feel the tropical weather storming over our heads. But when we feel safe in our homes, we often ignore the fact the our homes absorbed most of the damage. The roof, siding, even your home foundations are at risk! 

[av_dropcap2 color=”default” custom_bg=”#444444″]M[/av_dropcap2]onsoon home damage repair is one of the most unexpected problems that any home owner has to deal with. From small repairs – (i.e. Windows) to major repairs (Roof, Siding, Flood damage restoration) – you need a company that specializes in home repair and has the experience and knowledge when its time to deal with your insurance company. 

Monsoon Damage Repair Phoenix

FHR Construction Corp. has years of professional experience, all the required licenses and certificates to handle any Monsoon damage repair in Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding areas.

We are bonded, licensed & insured – and can assist you with your monsoon damage repair insurance claim. We know what to look for. When you roof leaks due to missing shingles – we inspect the electrical system, drywall and even the carpet for mold, damages and more. We provide on-site estimate for your home damages and can assist you file your claim with your home owners insurance company.

Invisible Flood Damage

What is monsoon damage repairMany customers refer to it as what they can see. But what if the damage is invisible? Flood damage caused by a monsoon can be visible when your carpet and some furniture has been destroyed. But what if the water did not reach your door level and just eating your home foundations, causing invisible but dangerous structural damage that will be noticeable years from now. FHR Construction team can assist you with that BEFORE it will be too late!

Monsoon Flood Damage Repair Arizona
Monsoon Flood Damage Repair Arizona

If your home has been hit but hail or a monsoon and you need a professional assistance – call us and get a FREE ON-SITE ESTIMATE!