Let there be light. With that commandment fulfilled, everything is possible because all can be seen. In this contextual light (no pun intended), we at FHR Construction would like to share with you some basic lighting tips for your kitchen and bathroom spaces. This information can help you choose the correct types of lighting fixtures and accessories to properly illuminate your living spaces—in order to provide you with the clarity you require to make the most of two rooms that are among the most utilized on any given day.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

When searching “kitchen lighting ideas” – it’s important to focus on the fact, that your kitchen is a primary work area, as well as a gathering place for family and friends, both comfortable and functional lighting is required. For island and counter areas that receive high preparation and cooking traffic, recessed lighting is the perfect choice for enhanced illumination levels. When placed almost directly overhead the island and counter spaces, any shadows will also be heavily reduced.

For any counter areas with cabinetry affixed above, under cabinet lighting is a wonderful choice. Under cabinet lighting should be placed toward the front of the cabinet, thus allowing the light to reflect down and off of the backsplash. This placement helps eliminate shadows and dark areas, thus allowing your entire countertop area to remain functional.

Additionally, placing linear light sources above your cabinets is a design element adding both function and flare. The result is both a brighter ceiling, as well as an indirect warm glow that will fill the highest reaches of your kitchen space. When looking into kitchen lighting ideas, One more thing to keep in mind: Many of these lighting options also come in green. And by green we mean environmentally friendly LED bulbs, which serve both sustainable, and also economical ends—helping homeowners save money and the earth at the same time.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas - Scottsdale, AZ Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Scottsdale, AZ Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Lighting Ideas - Scottsdale, AZ Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Scottsdale, AZ Kitchen Remodel

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Your bathroom requires even, shadow free lighting in order to shave, groom and apply makeup properly. To accomplish this, choose wall-mounted fixtures placed both overhead and surrounding the bathroom mirror. Decorative wall brackets on each side of the mirror can illuminate both sides of your face evenly.

In conjunction, mounting a wall bracket light fixture across the top of the mirror will give you the most desirable and flattering light source possible. For proper mirror lighting, you can either install sconces with glare-free glass diffusers about 36” apart for even illumination, or directly atop the mirror and just above eye level to avert glare.

To adequately light tub and shower enclosures, install enclosed damp-location recessed downlights in the ceiling overhead. These downlights can also be effectively installed over whirlpool baths and saunas. Both functional and decorative, recessed downlights are perfect for providing comfortable and concise illumination.

Regarding bulbs themselves, standard incandescent, xenon, LED, or halogen bulbs behind glass globes provide the most flattering light sources. If you opt for more energy-efficient fluorescents over standard incandescents, choose warm white tones, as these closely resemble the color of incandescents.

At FHR Construction, we offer a wide variety of lighting fixtures and accessories to suit all of your wants and needs. We have extensive experience helping our customers choose the lighting options best fitting their living spaces and lifestyles, and we are happy to help you find the perfect solution in your quest for illumination. We are Metropolitan Phoenix’s lighting experts, as many satisfied Phoenicians can attest to. Allow us to help provide the right lighting solution for you, and never be in the dark when and how it counts again.