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There are many reasons that someone would want to remodel their bathroom. The number one reason that we hear from our clients is space. “How can I maximize the amount of space in this bathroom?” Number two reason, “My bathroom is very outdated.”

Maximizing space can happen one of two ways:

  • Creative design within the existing space.
  • Moving or removing one or more walls to create more space.

FHR Construction has the knowledge and experience (over 20 years, combined) to assist you with both options.

Another advantage to remodeling a bathroom is that, many times, the plumbing fixtures (toilets, faucets, etc.) are the older, inefficient models. Newer fixtures are much more efficient over the older models still in use in many homes. Updating these can save you money on your water usage. And, many of the newer tub & shower faucets are equipped with pressure balance
and scald protection.

Electrical fixtures are other important items that should be updated. Many older electrical fixtures don’t have the modern antishock/
electrocution features present in today’s fixtures. GFCI outlets are required by code now in all bathrooms to prevent accidental electrocution or electric shock. And with the popularity gaining with long lasting, low energy LED light fixtures, updating your lighting is a simple easy way to change the look of your space while at the same time, saving money on your electric utility bills.

Popular Elements

Your bathroom sink and grooming area is possibly the busiest place in your house on any given morning. Conversely, it is also the space usually lacking the most where space is concerned. Many of our customers have utilized bathroom remodeling to address both counter and cabinetry space issues through custom design and manufacturing based on space and specifications alike.

There are many poignant reasons to modernize and customize your counter space, including:

  • countertops resist heat, humidity and other potentially damaging elements common to bathrooms
  • Customized sink options optimized for multi-use households
  • Environmentally sustainable low-flow faucets
  • Dedicated storage spaces for grooming and beauty supplies, as well as general toiletries, towels, etc.
  • Made in the USA custom cabinetry comes in thousands of wood type, finish and fit options to suit your exact needs and specifications
  • Only the highest quality materials are used in our custom cabinetry, and it is all tailor made for your project

Your bathroom tile and grout sustain a tremendous amount of wear and tear abuse from the elements. Over time, tiles weaken and crack, creating safety hazards as well as eyesores. In addition, grout becomes extraneously porous, and because of this becomes a place where bacteria, mold and other potentially harmful organisms embed deep within the infrastructure of your home. No to mention of course that tile styles and material composition have changed significantly over time—so from an aesthetic standpoint there comes a time when you just know that the time has come to live in the now…versus feeling perpetually stuck in the styles of yesteryear.

Some valid reasons to consider upgrading your bathroom tile and grout include:

  • Positively effects heating and cooling costs
  • Creates a more sanitary environment
  • Provides a more modern, aesthetically pleasing environment
  • Increased structural safety when compared to cracked and broken tiles
  • Thousands of style, color and finish options to choose from including ceramic, porcelain and stone

Where there once existed very few custom options for bathtubs and toilets, there now exists a multitude of style and function possibilities. This includes space saving walk-in glass door showers, as well as in or above ground ergonomic and therapeutic spa tubs made from modern, durable materials such as fiberglass and stone. Stylish toilets and bidets crafted from porcelain and other fine materials also bring luxury and comfort to your throne room. Additionally, environmentally friendly facilities ensure that you are taking care of yourself and the earth at the same time.

Here are a few good reasons to consider upgrading your bathroom tub and toilet:

  • Water conservation options save money on utility costs
  • Upgraded plumbing cures internal cracks and leaks that lead to water wasting and infrastructure issues including mold
  • Creating stand in showers and custom designing bathtub enclosures maximizes available space, while suiting personalized aesthetic tastes
  • Many different styles and features available to suit all tastes and budgets
  • Relaxation after a long day in a spa tub of your own—need we say more?

Your bathroom mirror is your trusted ally and at times, best friend. You rely on the reflection in that mirror to be an accurate representation of yourself, as others perceive you. This is why it is extremely important to have the proper lighting both around your grooming space, and throughout your bathroom as a whole. This includes lighting that is optimized to bring out details and features obscured by substandard fixtures and lights.

A few excellent reasons to consider upgrading your bathroom lighting include:

  • Energy efficient LED bulbs reduce energy costs and extend bulb life
  • Recessed, enclosed shower and tub lighting provides soothing and sufficient ambient light
  • Wall bracket lighting fixtures are perfect for over mirror illumination
  • Wall mounted surrounding lights ensure accurate visual reproduction for hygiene and beauty applications

Last but not least we come to the feature responsible for lighting up your bathroom space in the first place: Electricity. Older, outdated and malfunctioning electrical outlets are responsible for thousands of home fires every year. In addition, safety features like in-socket circuit breakers were not available decades ago as they are at the present. You owe it to your family’s safety and wellbeing to take a long, hard look at the condition of your electrical wiring and sockets when deciding whether or not to upgrade them.

Some very important reasons to upgrade your electrical wiring include:

  • Circuit breakers allow for safe use of electrical appliances
  • Newer wiring significantly cuts down on fire hazards and risks
  • The addition of extra outlets for convenience purposes
  • Newer energy efficient outlets and insulated wiring curb energy costs


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