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Outdoor Living

Your property offers you a finite amount of space and we are here to help you get the most use and enjoyment out of it. Here are some items to consider when planning a remodel of your outdoor patio areas. 

Size: How much space are do you have to work with? How much space should each element receive, in order to ensure you can fit all the different uses you would like into your existing space? 

Use: What will the space be used for? What are all the various elements that need to be incorporated into the overall design? Do you like to entertain guests, or have family dinners outdoors? Do you need spaces for sports and recreation as well? How about storage for all the outdoor items and sporting equipment? 

FHR’s in-house design team will help you plan a space that allows for all your uses. 

Cooling Solutions

Mist system to cool down you and your guests and to enjoy the nice evenings of the desert again.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is highly important for us, and we work hard to meet your satisfaction and needs.

Building & Remodeling

We can help you build a guest house as part of an existing home or from the ground up!

Licensed Contractor

Licensed, Bonded & Insured General Contractor in Scottsdale, AZ.

Flow: What to put where for easy access to the areas you will use most. Consider the ease of allowing your entertainment and barbecue areas together, while allowing some space for recreation and sports further away. 

Will you need to access storage items from the yard as well as the driveway? Do you need to leave room for access to a shed, trash area, pool equipment area, boat or RV storage area? 

Kids and Pets: Do you need special areas for the little ones in your life? Do they need gates and enclosures to keep them safe from roadways or swimming pools? 

Enhancing the use of your yard with a recreation area for kids can make life more easy and enjoyable for years to come. An area that houses a playground when kids are young can be transformed into a versatile open area for soccer, badminton or other sports as the children grow. 

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Entertainment: What sorts of activities will you be doing with your guests? How can your space serve and support your hosting activities? With a custom built in grill, sink, maybe even a small beverage fridge or a minibar? Will you be watching sporting events or other shows on a television on warm summer evenings?  

Shade & Cooling: Let’s make sure that your family and guests are comfortable in the Arizona heat. Plenty of shade is a great start. Adding other features like a misting system can really enhance your enjoyment and use of the space. 

FHR has a savvy design team and expert craftsmen who will build your outdoor structures to top standards for quality and beauty, so you can enjoy them for many years to come. Hire the team you trust: FHR. 

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