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FHR Construction has the expertise and experience to design and build a room extension that meets your needs, suits your home’s style, and fits within your budget!


We are Scottsdale & Phoenix’s local experts in creating home additions that blend seamlessly to perfectly match both the interior and exterior of the your existing home. 


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We make the new addition to your home blend seamlessly with both the interior and exterior style and finish of your existing home that people will think that it was always there.

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Your satisfaction is highly important for us. Our goals are to provide you with superior services, consistent support every step of the way, and to exceed your overall expectations.

Budget Oriented Projects

As experts with many years experience in home remodeling, we know where to save and where to splurge in order to attain your goals for style and functionality, while remaining within your budget.

Licensed Contractor

Licensed, Bonded & Insured General Contractor in Scottsdale, AZ. We work with tradesmen who are also professionally licenced in their respective specialty fields to ensure your job is done right.

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When the time comes to consider a room extension, FHR Construction can help by providing the knowledge we have gained through our extensive experience performing room addition design and construction on many homes.

No project is too large or too small
for our design and build team

Our extensive experience undertaking room additions means your project will receive the support and attention it deserves from start to finish, top to bottom and inside to out. When it comes time to expand your home’s square footage in order to meet the wants and needs of your ever expanding family and lifestyle, please feel free to contact us for a comprehensive consultation. You are also welcome to come visit our showroom to talk to a live expert.


  • Personalized on-site consultations that generate accurate estimates and realistic plans for your unique home
  • Expertly integrated custom design services with our in-house Interior Designer and Architect to create your ideal space
  • Space allocation and building guideline/code research to ensure your desired project is legally allowed by your city, homeowners association or any other local governing body
  • Building permit research, including applicable plans and documents to help expedite the permit and approval process through the local governing jurisdiction

Our dedicated design and build teams consist of professionally licensed, bonded and insured:


  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Carpenters
  • Masons
  • HVAC Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Plumbers

Plus we work with a generous pool of experienced general laborers who are able to properly and efficiently expedite your room addition project.

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We create consistently positive experiences for our clients
by providing top-notch, client-oriented services,
and delivering exceptional finished results.

Has Your Life Outgrown Your Home?

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life where spatial needs come up against the existing square footage contained within their home’s wall space. 


When this time comes and providing you have the available land to spare (which most homes do), why not utilize your property to the fullest, and as you see fit?


Maybe you need the extra space to care for a newborn child, or an ailing, elderly family member? Or maybe you are now ready to create the game room, home office, theatre room, master bedroom, or extended kitchen and bathroom you have long imagined.


No matter what your specific spatial wants and needs are, rest assured that when the time comes to add square footage to your existing home structure, FHR Construction has you covered. 



Home Additions Make A Lot of Cents

Adding a room extension to your existing home makes sense on many levels.


Adding a room is ultimately more cost effective, and less upsetting to your lifestyle and daily routine than undertaking a move to a new home. 


It is also a convenient way to address the ever-evolving needs of a growing family, while at the same time adding value to your home itself. 


Adding square footage can typically increase the value of your home significantly.  Where most additions are concerned, there exists a relatively high Return on Investment (ROI). 


A large Family room addition can yield as much as 64% ROI.  A kitchen remodel, if done correctly, has the potential to yield as much as 70-74% ROI—depending of course on home location, comparison with available homes in your area, and other fluctuating economic marketplace factors. 


Whether or not you ever plan on selling your home, a room addition is a valuable financial investment, while at the same time being invaluable for the flexibility of additional, customized and personalized space offers you and your family. 

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