Kitchen Remodeling Contractors


We come to your home, take detailed measurements of your space, free of charge. Then we provide you with a 3D rendering, based on your desired cabinet design, color, trim & accessories within 4872 hours along with an estimated cost.

We assist you throughout the entire process, start to finish. We help with the layout, style and color selection. We help you select the countertops, the backsplash, accessories, appliances, plumbing and lighting fixtures… Literally everything!

All of our cabinets are 100% Made in the USA!  They are built using only the highest quality materials available today.  Our cabinets are backed with a 5 year warranty, top to bottom, front to back.  We do not know of any other company that offers this kind of warranty on their wood products.  Our drawer glides and hinges are guaranteed for life!  We sell nothing but the best quality products at the best price available.

Kitchen Remodel Elements

Are you going to maintain the same layout that you currently have? If going with a new layout, there may be additional things to consider such as wall removal, drywall repairs, flooring, electrical or plumbing in the wall(s) to be removed. FHR Construction has the experience and knowledge to help you achieve the best kitchen you can with the space that you have available.
Are you going to be replacing the flooring or keeping existing? In many cases, clients opt to replace the flooring, but if the same flooring goes throughout the public/open areas, this can become rather expensive. We will walk you through the options and explain the differences of each. If you plan on keeping the existing flooring, you need to make sure that it continues under the cabinetry, to the walls. If not, you will be forced to either replace it all or maintain the exact same footprint with the new cabinets. We can walk you through all of your options at our site visit & measure appointment.
Are you going to be reusing the existing appliances or purchasing NEW? In some cases, your appliances may be newer and in perfect condition. This is fine, as long as you are satisfied with them. If they are older or outdated, you may want to consider NEW. We can walk you through these selections during our design and estimating stages. We have accounts with several appliance companies/suppliers and can help you get the best pricing on new units for your new kitchen.
Painting the kitchen is something that some people don’t think about while remodeling. Paint is a minimal cost, compared to all of the other expenses and does wonders to really make the space ‘pop’. Selecting the right color combination is very important to achieve the right look. FHR Construction has the design knowledge to help you create the perfect space and select the ideal color palette to make your new kitchen absolutely stunning!
Countertops and backsplash are an important feature in a kitchen. Then can make or break the look of the kitchen. FHR Construction can help you choose the right material and colors to best suite the design of the new space. Whether it’s Granite, Marble, Quartz or Soapstone counters, we can help you find the right material to suite your needs, and keep it within your budget. Talk to us today! Let’s turn that dream kitchen into reality!