Home Remodeling: Covered Patios

Covered patio is a great way to add comfortable, shaded outdoor space to your home remodeling project.  They can also help keep your home cooler, in the hot summer months.  In the greater Phoenix area, covered patios are almost a necessity in the sweltering summer months!

Covered Patio Phoenix AZ

Covered patio can be built to just about any size imaginable and can be improved with things like outdoor kitchens & BBQ’s, fireplaces, mist systems, water features, etc…. The list is practically endless.  Almost every home in and around the greater Phoenix area has a covered patio, of some sort.  Creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing covered patio can greatly improve your outdoor comfort along with adding some additional value to your home.  They provide shade in the summer & dry covered space from the rain during the monsoon season.  They help keep your home cooler by providing additional shade to that side of the house and can be equipped with mist systems to help cool off the space in the heat of the summer.

Covered Patio Mist System (Phoenix, AZ)

Covered Patio Mist System (Phoenix, AZ)

No matter the style or design of your home, a covered patio can be designed to fit it perfectly and blend seamlessly with the rest of your homes architectural features.  Whether traditional, modern, territorial, Tuscan or Craftsman, a covered patio can be added to your home that looks as though it belongs there or has been there since the home was originally built.  Working with a good general contractor, such as FHR Construction Corp., that understands the different styles of architecture, can greatly improve the finished look of your patio addition.

Adding a covered patio to you home can be beneficial in more than one way.  It can add value to your home, it can lower your cooling costs in the summer and most of all, it can increase your outdoor quality of life.

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