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How do heated floors help ease arthritis?

If you have arthritis, remodeling your home can help make it a more comfortable and accessible place to live. Radiant floor heating is an excellent option for those with arthritis as it helps keep the feet and legs warm through gentle heat generated from the floor. Additionally, installing grab bars in bathrooms and hallways can make getting around easier for those with joint pain or difficulty with mobility. Ramps are another great way to reduce the strain on joints when climbing stairs, while widening door frames can help prevent painful knocks or scrapes from furniture. Even changing up the layout of your home – such as moving heavier items like refrigerators and washing machines downstairs – can make life easier if you suffer from arthritic pain and stiffness. With some thoughtful planning and the right modifications, you can make your home a more comfortable and safe environment.

radiant heated floor for arthritis
Radiant heated floor for arthritis

Adding extra lighting around the home is another great way to help those with arthritis or limited mobility. Not only does this increase visibility in dark hallways and stairwells, but it also reduces strain on the eyes. Installing motion sensors can be useful too, allowing lights to come on automatically whenever someone moves through an area. If you are looking for ways to remodel your home for ease of access, then these small changes can be life-changing. Take the time to plan out any renovations carefully – it could end up making all the difference!

Finally, don’t forget to take some time for yourself and look into getting specialized furniture that is designed to help those with arthritis in Arizona. For example, adjustable beds and chairs can be great for providing extra support, while ergonomic arm rests or foot supports may also help to reduce strain on your joints. Ultimately, making some changes to your home can make a world of difference in terms of alleviating arthritic pain or discomfort – so don’t miss out! Make sure you research all the options available and talk to your doctor about which modifications would be best for you. With radiant flooring, ramps, grab bars and more – there are plenty of ways to remodel your home and give yourself the relief you deserve.

For expert advice on radiant flooring and other modifications to help those with arthritis, get in touch with FHR Construction. We have a team of knowledgeable professionals who understand the needs of different types of arthritis sufferers, and we can provide honest advice on which solutions are best for you. Get in touch today to find out more!

Bathroom Remodel Contractors Phoenix

Your ideas and creativity can only take you so far. However,  a local bathroom remodeling contractor can turn your dreams to reality. Here’s how we get things done! Continue Reading

Kitchen and Bath Showroom Scottsdale AZ

FHR Construction Corp. offers local showroom for all of your kitchen & bath remodeling needs. If you are in the process of searching “kitchen showrooms in my area”, or “bathroom showrooms near me” and you are located in Scottsdale, AZ or nearby areas (Phoenix, North Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Paradise Valley, North Scottsdale, South Scottsdale, etc.) and looking to stop by and get some kitchen remodeling ideas, we welcome you to visit our showroom. Continue Reading

Bathroom remodeling-ADA

Bathroom remodel for ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is becoming more popular with the rise in families taking in and caring for their elder family members that may have certain needs for assistance and home health care.  Many families are opting for home health care options over sending their elderly or ill family members to care homes.  This can pose certain issues when it comes to bathing and/or using the restroom. Continue Reading

Floating Vanity Bathroom

The floating vanity is gradually becoming very popular with today’s modern design trends.  The appeal to the modern floating vanity is the modern “minimalist” look combined with the desire for more open floor space.

Floating vanities can be done to fit any desired look or style from rough and rustic to ultra modern and minimalist.  Although predominantly seen in the more modern designs, floating vanities are being seen, more and more, in more traditional and rustic home designs.  There are advantages and disadvantages to using a floating vanity in your bathroom remodel.  One advantage is opening up floor space.  Another, by opening up that floor space, it makes it much easier to clean the floors.  Less rick of water damage due to a leaky toilet or tub/shower.  We all know that kids, and some adults, can be careless with the water in a tub.  It splashes or spills over the edge or runs out during a shower and can damage a traditional floor mounted cabinet.  One disadvantage, and probably the number one reason that some people don’t use a floating vanity, is that they typically will limit the storage capability of the cabinet.  Many bathrooms are fairly small and storage for toiletries is at a premium.  But there are those homeowners that are more interested in the design aspect over the storage ability.

Floating Vanity Bathroom

Floating vanities can also be a design focal point of the bathroom.  Much like a custom shower or tub, a floating vanity, if done well, can sometimes steal the show.  Whether you are looking for the super modern look or the more rough and rustic look, a floating vanity may be right up your alley!  There are lots of images and ideas available online these days…  But, if you are serious about remodeling your bathroom space and are interested in using a floating vanity, contact FHR Construction.  We have designers available to assist you in the design of your bathroom space and can help you come up with the best solution for your needs and desired style.

Kitchen & Bathroom renovations using Home Equity Loans.

As a home remodeling company, we often contacted by customers who want to renovate their kitchen or bathrooms, but just don’t have the liquid capitol (cash) to do so.  There is a solution!  Home Equity Loans.  If you have positive equity in your home, you can get money for your kitchen & bath renovation.

Kitchen Remodeling Using Home Equity Loan

FHR Construction Corp. works with clients very frequently that do this to finance their home renovations, kitchen & bath renovations.  We know the steps involved.  We know what the banks are looking for in order to approve this type of loan for you.  Let FHR Construction Corp. assist you with getting your home remodeling or new kitchen renovation financed with the equity already in your home.  Once you are done, you will have invested that money wisely.  Kitchen and bath renovations tend to yeild the most return on your investment.  These are the spaces in a home that people tend to look at the most when looking to purchase a home.  Kitchen & bath renovations are a good way to add positive equity in your home.

Kitchen Remodeling Financing

We can tell you, from experience, that it is not always a quick process.  For most cases, home remodeling equity loan is something that you will have to plan for.  It is going to take some time.  Start to finish (approval), it can take several months.  You are going to need a plan, typically a floor plan and elevations to show to the bank.  3D renderings are also nice to have.  In some cases (most, in fact) you are going to need a bid or proposal from a Licensed, Bonded and Insured General Contractor.  FHR Construction Corp. has the knowledge and experience to assist you with all of this documentation that you will need for your financial institution.

Home Equity Loans For Home Improvement

If you have been thinking about doing a kitchen or bath renovation, home remodeling, room addition or any other construction project – but aren’t sure of how to go about doing it, contact FHR Construction Corp. today!  We can help you and show you the right steps to take in order to get the money to do your kitchen renovation and put more value into your home.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

A bathroom remodel can be very beneficial to your comfort and piece of mind, as well as increasing the overall value of your home, however it is no small undertaking.  Depending on the size of the bathroom and the desired end result, it can be quite stressful and expensive.  You should have a realistic idea of what, exactly, you are trying to ultimately accomplish. 

Are you just looking for a fresher, updated look or are you trying to completely change the overall appearance and layout of your bath space?  What are you willing to spend to achieve this?  We will try to cover some of the more simple changes that can greatly improve the overall appearance of your current bathroom and we will also cover some of the more extravagant was to remodel your bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling

Depending on your budget, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint an a new vanity can dramatically change the look of an existing bath space.  However, many of our clients are looking for something a little more.  Redoing the tile in bath or shower surround, new flooring, new cabinet(s) & countertops, sinks and plumbing fixtures are the most common.  This can be done for as little as $5,000-$6,000 for a smaller bathroom space or go as high as $45,000-$60,000 for a larger bathroom, such as a large Master Bathroom.  It all depends on the size of the project and the finish materials selection.  Today, there are many, many tiles out there made of porcelain and ceramic that look just like natural stones, such as slate, marble and travertine.

If you are choosing to redo your shower walls, now would be a good time to consider replacing the shower fixture, if desired, as you will already have the walls exposed.  We typically recommend this, especially if it is an older unit.  We also recommend going with a quality brand that has replacement parts and multiple trim kits available.  This way, if a valve wears out or starts to leak or if you decide to change the look again in the future, it won’t require tearing the wall apart again to do so.

When it comes to flooring, again, there are so many options out there that it can be a little overwhelming at times trying to choose the right material to achieve the desired look.  To help limit this, try to determine what look your are trying for.  Then you can limit your selection to those styles, whether it be a stone look or a wood look, plank porcelain tile, which is very popular today.  Also, when redoing your flooring, we recommend that the flooring be ran under the cabinetry.  We recommend this so that, if in the future, you decide to change the cabinetry, you don’t have to patch or replace the flooring all together.

FHR Construction Corp. offers full design services and can assist you with the design and finish of your bathroom space.  If you are ready to see what can be done with your space, give us a call!  We would be more than happy to meet with you and provide you with a free, no obligation estimate today!

Custom Cabinets vs. RTA (Ready to Assemble) or Pre-Fabricated Cabinets

Many cabinet companies will tell you that there really is no difference between Custom or Semi-Custom cabinets and RTA or Pre-Fab cabinets.  There is.  In this post, we hope to help explain the primary differences between the two. 

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

RTA (Ready to Assemble) cabinets are cabinets that are delivered to a customer or to a job site, broken down in a flat box.  These must be built or assembled either by the customer or the builder/contractor the is doing the installation.  Typically, they are made in a foreign country and then shipped across the ocean in large shipping containers to the U.S. where they are then sold to the customer.  They are typically made of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or Particle Board which is less expensive than the much stronger and more stable Plywood, but is much more sensitive to moisture and damage.  They are boxed and shipped flat in large containers to allow the companies to fit more into a container, but also to help minimize the effects of the moisture causing the wood (MDF) to swell and deteriorate.  Yes, there are some that use plywood for their panels, however it is usually a very cheaply made plywood and on top of spending days, and in most cases, weeks on a ship traveling over the ocean, surrounded by water and very high humidity levels, the glue that is used to bind the layers of wood together in the plywood can become week and begin to separate.  Some companies that offer these types of cabinets, also offer the ability to assemble the cabinets for you, at time of purchase, and then deliver to you a completely assembled cabinet, ready to install.  If not, it is up to you, the buyer, to arrange assembly and installation, either by yourself or with your contractor, handyman or builder that you have hired to perform the work.

Bix Box RTA Cabinets Vs. Custom Cabinets

Pre-Fabricated cabinets are completely built, or assembled, by the company that makes them and are sold to the customer as such, a completely assembled, ready to install cabinet.  You can see examples of this type of cabinetry in most of your local ‘Big Box’ home improvement stores.  Again, these are typically made with MDF panels/boxes with a wood face frame and door/drawer front(s).  Many cabinets are done this way and are also available with better quality, plywood construction.  There are also, typically, a few more wood species and door styles available.  Even many of the larger, top quality cabinets are done in this manner.  One negative is that if you need a unique size cabinet, they are not available and the vast majority of these manufacturers do not offer any form of customization for their cabinets.  They come in standard cabinet sizes of 3″ increments (i.e. B12, B15, B18, B21, etc…)

Then you have Semi-Custom cabinetry.  Semi-Custom cabinets are very much like the Pre-Fabricated cabinets, however, the company offers the ability to custom size the cabinets or even build you a completely custom cabinet, in some cases, on a case by case basis. They will have to individually quote the cabinets in question.  Sometimes they may not be able to make the desired cabinet, but they will let you know.  Semi-Custom cabinets also tend to offer many more doors styles, wood species and finish options such as distressing, sand through, and more color & stain options, with and without glazes.  More and more people are opting for this type of cabinetry as it allows them to “individualize” or “personalize” their kitchen, bath or office space to fit their taste and style.  Yes it does come with an increase in cost, typically 25-35%, depending on the company and their available options, etc.  To most people, the additional cost is well worth the investment in the quality and customizability.

Finally, you have CUSTOM cabinets.  Full custom cabinets are built by a cabinetmaker to fit an exact specification, size, color, texture, design, etc.  Each and every cabinet box, face frame, door panel and drawer front are made individually, then assembled into box form or brought to the project site and installed in place.  With fully custom cabinets, you get exactly what you want, built to your specifications, one cabinet at a time.  Custom cabinets also come at a premium cost and typically take much longer to have made, delivered and installed.  But, for some people, nothing is better than a completely custom cabinet, or a kitchen full of them!

Bathroom & Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Let there be light. With that commandment fulfilled, everything is possible because all can be seen. In this contextual light (no pun intended), we at FHR Construction would like to share with you some basic lighting tips for your kitchen and bathroom spaces. This information can help you choose the correct types of lighting fixtures and accessories to properly illuminate your living spaces—in order to provide you with the clarity you require to make the most of two rooms that are among the most utilized on any given day.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas

When searching “kitchen lighting ideas” – it’s important to focus on the fact, that your kitchen is a primary work area, as well as a gathering place for family and friends, both comfortable and functional lighting is required. For island and counter areas that receive high preparation and cooking traffic, recessed lighting is the perfect choice for enhanced illumination levels. When placed almost directly overhead the island and counter spaces, any shadows will also be heavily reduced.

For any counter areas with cabinetry affixed above, under cabinet lighting is a wonderful choice. Under cabinet lighting should be placed toward the front of the cabinet, thus allowing the light to reflect down and off of the backsplash. This placement helps eliminate shadows and dark areas, thus allowing your entire countertop area to remain functional.

Additionally, placing linear light sources above your cabinets is a design element adding both function and flare. The result is both a brighter ceiling, as well as an indirect warm glow that will fill the highest reaches of your kitchen space. When looking into kitchen lighting ideas, One more thing to keep in mind: Many of these lighting options also come in green. And by green we mean environmentally friendly LED bulbs, which serve both sustainable, and also economical ends—helping homeowners save money and the earth at the same time.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Your bathroom requires even, shadow free lighting in order to shave, groom and apply makeup properly. To accomplish this, choose wall-mounted fixtures placed both overhead and surrounding the bathroom mirror. Decorative wall brackets on each side of the mirror can illuminate both sides of your face evenly.

In conjunction, mounting a wall bracket light fixture across the top of the mirror will give you the most desirable and flattering light source possible. For proper mirror lighting, you can either install sconces with glare-free glass diffuses about 36” apart for even illumination, or directly atop the mirror and just above eye level to avert glare.

To adequately light tub and shower enclosures, install enclosed damp-location recessed down-lights in the ceiling overhead. These down-lights can also be effectively installed over whirlpool baths and saunas. Both functional and decorative, recessed down-lights are perfect for providing comfortable and concise illumination.

Regarding bulbs themselves, standard incandescent, xenon, LED, or halogen bulbs behind glass globes provide the most flattering light sources. If you opt for more energy-efficient fluorescent over standard incandescent, choose warm white tones, as these closely resemble the color of incandescent.

At FHR Construction, we offer a wide variety of lighting fixtures and accessories to suit all of your wants and needs. We have extensive experience helping our customers choose the lighting options best fitting their living spaces and lifestyles, and we are happy to help you find the perfect solution in your quest for illumination. We are Metropolitan Phoenix’s lighting experts, as many satisfied Phoenicians can attest to. Allow us to help provide the right lighting solution for you, and never be in the dark when and how it counts again.

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