Mobile Home Remodel Phoenix

by FHR Construction Corp.

Mobile home remodeling is very common in Phoenix, AZ. From the west valley to the east valley, Phoenix is packed with mobile home parks. Although those are only 20+ years old homes, the wear and tear on a mobile home is very noticeable and can decrease your life quality or even your home re-sale value. So, what can you do to keep your mobile home up to date?

Mobile Home Remodeling Phoenix

Most mobile homes comes with the very basic vanities. And trust us on that one – it is HARD to make a fiberglass shower look pretty after 20 years. The mold, the dirt, the overall wear & tear is noticeable.

However, bathroom renovation is not out of reach. We complete most of our mobile home shower remodeling in less than one week.

There’s nothing like taking a long shower, enjoying the warm water in a remodeled shower. The clean tile, the doors, everything just feels right! Let us help you upgrade your mobile home and take in to the next level.

Mobile Home Remodel Phoenix

Mobile Home Remodel Phoenix

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

FHR Constriction Corp. is Phoenix’s top rated general contractor and bathroom remodeling contractors. We specialized in all home remodeling aspects: Kitchen remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Roofing, Gravel, Concrete and much much more.

In the past few years, mobile homes becoming more and more detailed. Detailed, more durable and more expensive. Repairing, or having a contractor  help you with your Mobile Home Remodel Phoenix project, has a price. Contact our team to get a free estimate on all of your home remodeling needs.

With any question about your mobile home repair/ mobile home remodel, we invite you to contact us.

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