New Construction

Building from the ground up!

New Construction

Turn Key Projects

We work with private investors to create turn-key projects. Call us and inquire about current and future projects. 

Everybody at one time or another has fantasized about designing and building their own customized, personalized home.

Maybe this dream home is a combination of designs, features and facets found in many of the homes you have visited, or seen in magazines or online. 

Or maybe it is something entirely of your own imagination and creation; offering you a uniquely exclusive residence the likes of which nowhere you have ever visited comes close to matching.

FHR is well equipped to design and construct your unique vision.

Custom Home Builder North Scottsdale

Plans & Permits

We follow and execute architectural plans, building your dream home from the ground up. You benefit from our experience, navigating a complex system of building codes and permits. You can count on us to keep the job moving forward.

Turn Key Projects

Working with different needs and budgets, we offer custom home building or turn key projects. Whether this is a home you're building for your own enjoyment, or to profit from meeting a need in the housing market, FHR delivers finished quality projects.

Project Management

We offer professional job-site and project management. Our site supervisors will be there day in and day out, ensuring that our teams are working efficiently and delivering the quality finished products our company is known for.

Good Workmanship

We have both in house and familiar subcontractors who are skilled and experienced at the many areas of expertise that go into building a new home from scratch. Our construction team is top tated in the Phoenix metro area.

Think about it: Rooms designed solely for your intents and purposes, including with specific family members and lifestyle preferences taken directly into account.

A home built precisely for you  and your family that allows for all of the features, comforts and conveniences you desire, without anything you don’t.

The possibilities are endless, and the potential for happiness is through the roof—which will of course be constructed just for you as well. 

Home Remodeling Contractor 3

When it comes time to turn your custom home dream into a reality, we invite you to contact us today for a comprehensive consultation.

You are also welcome to come Visit Our Showroom in Scottsdale to learn more about the Top-Notch Services & Quality Materials we offer our Clients. 

Together, we can design and construct a home unlike any other. Let’s create for you a unique home that meets all your needs, while exceeding your every expectation, and fulfilling your wildest domestic dreams. 

We fully understand that the prospect of building a dwelling from the ground up can seem intimidating, if not wholly overwhelming for some people.

However, choosing the right contractor to guide and assist you with this venture allows your project to become the positive experience of a lifetime, instead of a living nightmare. 

Whether you are looking to build a modest sized casita or guesthouse, or want an extravagant statement of your individuality and lifestyle, FHR Construction has you covered from the consultation to comfortably settling in—and all phases in between. 

We have over 15 years experience designing and constructing custom homes.

Our build team will be with you every step of the way, helping construct your project in your image.

We  provide you with the assurance, guidance, confidence, competence, and excellent finished product only a reputable, quality contractor can.  

Why choose FHR Construction for your new home construction project?

Well, let us share a bit about how we can help you, so you can make an informed decision. 

  • Personalized, on-site consultation & ongoing presence throughout the entire build process
  • Expertly integrated design services with our talented and experienced In-House Designer
  • Space allocation and building code research to ensure your desired project is legally allowed by your city, homeowners association or any other local governing body
  • Building permits, including applicable plans and documents to help expedite the permit and approval process through the local governing jurisdiction
  • Our build team includes expert and professionally licensed, bonded and insured project managers, architects, carpenters, roofers, masons, HVAC technicians, electricians, painters, plumbers, and a generous pool of general laborers who are able to properly and efficiently expedite your new home construction. 
  • With a diverse array of recognized and trusted vendors, we can help you find the products, appliances, and all other special trimmings to make your project come to life as you envision it.
  • We can work within many budgetary situations, and we even offer in-house financing options! Contact us today to learn more. 
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