Outdoor living is not the goal but the journey. The outdoor living experience is the whole nine yards! The patio, the mist system, the pool – and the cherry on top – the barbecue grill island.

Outdoor Remodeling Contractors

If you have a decent size backyard and would like to upgrade your outdoor living experience – a local home remodeling contractor can assist you design, plan and build your complete outdoor living concept.

Based on your budget, zone restrictions and city code – a local general contractor can help you expand your outdoor space. Available outdoor projects are:

  • Patio
  • Pool
  • Concrete or outdoor tile
  • Barbecue grill island
  • mist system

Barbecue Grill Island

If you wish to add a gas barbecue grill island – our outdoor remodeling contractors can assist you get it done. Instead of shopping between multiple contractors – FHR Construction Corp. offers you a one stop shop where we can meet all of your outdoor remodeling needs.

Outdoor Remodeling - Barbecue Grill Island

Outdoor Remodeling – Barbecue Grill Island

We invite you to check out our professional Phoenix misting system – patios, decks and pools. We provide professional demolition (when needed), flooring solutions, room additions (if you wish to add an Arizona room), outdoor bathroom with easy access to your house and a professional BBQ grill island. 

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