Anyone that lives in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and its surrounding cities, or any temperate, desert climate for that matter, knows how hot it can be in the dog days of summer.  A quality misting system, like one from FHR Construction Corp., can make your outdoor living and entertainment spaces much more bearable on those sultry summer afternoons.  Mist System Scottsdale – What exactly is it?

In Phoenix and Scottsdale, AZ Many of us have seen misting systems as we go about our day at shops, restaurants and other businesses.  A quality misting system, designed and installed properly, can lower the the air temperature around your home or business by as much as 25 degrees!  The majority of our clients install their misting systems around their covered patio areas and outdoor entertaining spaces (BBQ’s, outdoor kitchens, etc.) but the application options are virtually limitless.

Mist System – How do they work?

Misting systems are simply water that is forced, under great pressure via a high pressure pump, through a nozzle with a very tiny hole that creates an extremely fine mist, almost to the point of a vapor.  As these microscopic droplets of water leave the nozzle, they immediately begin to absorb the heat of the surrounding air.  As they do this, they evaporate and take the heat with them.  This in turn cools the surrounding air.

Scottsdale’s Misting systems can be an invaluable addition to your outdoor space and your ability to ‘survive’ the extreme summer temperatures.  However, mister systems are not just for cooling off patios…  They can be used in restaurants, playgrounds and often used in greenhouses to increase humidity levels for the plants.  They are also often used in workplaces such as warehouses and grocery stores.

misting systems that are embedded into stucco to conceal the majority of the system. (Scottsdale, AZ)

misting systems that are embedded into stucco to conceal the majority of the system. (Scottsdale, AZ)

FHR has been installing, and using, top quality misting systems for over 10 years.  We have the experience, and knowledge, to design and install a top of the line  misting system in your home or business today.  We offer misting systems that are embedded into your stucco or ceilings to conceal the majority of the system.  Only the nozzle protrudes from the stucco/ceiling.  Many of our competitors simply screw or nail the lines to the surface of your walls or roof framing with clamps/brackets.  Our systems are designed to ‘blend in’ with your home, not be an ugly eyesore.  We also connect your mister system pump to a single switch that allows you to turn your system on and off with the “flip of a switch”.  No more need to go out to the hose bib (where most competitor systems connect their water supply) and turn on a valve.

mist system on off switch scottsdale arizona

Mist system Scottsdale with on/off switch

Mist System Scottsdale – Inquire now!

Interested in learning more about these systems?  Call us today and one of our friendly, knowledgeable associates will be more than happy to meet with you and help you determine what kind of system might be best for your individual application.

Let’s make that hot patio a relaxing, comfortable oasis for you and your family today!