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Unexpected Remodeling Costs

Many times during any home remodeling project, it is almost a given to come across some unexpected remodeling costs.  Bad or worn pipes, rotted or damaged framing, relocation of pipes or electrical wires and so on.  Here are some simple ways to help ease these unplanned, unforeseen and unexpected issues. Continue Reading

Room Addition Over A Garage

Room Addition Over A Garage

Building a room addition over a garage can be a great way to add additional square footage to your home, without increasing the ‘footprint’ of your existing house.  However, there are several things that you need to take into consideration before making this decision.  We will try to cover the majority of those questions in this article.

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How To Add A Bedroom To Your House

How To Add A Bedroom To Your House

Knowing all of the proper steps of how to add a bedroom to your house, or any room addition, can save you a tremendous amount of time and money.  Once you have come to the decision that you want to add a room to your home, here are a few steps to follow to make sure that you can add a room to your home, where you need it.

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Cost To Add A Bedroom To Your House

The cost to add a bedroom to your house can be as cheap as $10k or can be as high as $45k.  It’s all about the details.  What is the bedroom square footage, what material you want to use, are you adding a small – guest size – bedroom or are you looking to add a master suite with a full bathroom?  We’ve gathered the most important things you should know BEFORE making a decision.  Continue Reading

Requirements To Add A Room To Your House

Room additions are becoming more and more popular. If in the past you would have sold your house and moved to a bigger space, today you can add a room to your house, in a timely manner and – in most cases – in a very cost effective way. We invite you to learn about the requirements to add a room to your house.
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Cost To Add A Room To Your House

What is really the cost to add a room to your house? How can it increase your home resale value and what is the impact on your property tax? Is there a difference between a bedroom to a master suite when it comes to build cost or is there a flat rate? FHR Construction Corp. experts with everything you need to know about room additions costs.  Continue Reading

Home Remodel Skylight

The use of skylights in your next home remodeling project is a fantastic way to increase the amount of natural light in your home. Continue Reading

Home Remodeling: Covered Patios

Covered patio is a great way to add comfortable, shaded outdoor space to your home remodeling project.  They can also help keep your home cooler, in the hot summer months.  In the greater Phoenix area, covered patios are almost a necessity in the sweltering summer months! Continue Reading

Home Remodeling: Tile

Tile, in one form or another, is likely the most popular flooring type in just about every home around the world. The difference between bad tile and good tile? Choosing the right tile contractors.  Continue Reading

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